Historic Underground

Get exclusive access to the Blair Street Underground Vaults – the largest system of underground caverns in Edinburgh. Built in the 18th century beneath South Bridge, we’re the only tour company with access.

Beneath the bustle of Edinburgh’s Old Town you’ll discover a dark, damp world unchanged since the 18th century. Your expert guide will lead you deep into the Blair Street Underground Vaults, and together you’ll explore their history – including how they became home to the city’s most destitute inhabitants.

Want to see Edinburgh’s darkest secret? Descend into the vaults, exclusive to Mercat Tours.

It’s a story rooted in Edinburgh’s Georgian past – grand feats of engineering, the expansion of the city, and those who were left behind in its darker corners.

But why were the vaults built? And who used them? Save your questions for your Mercat tour guide, a masterful storyteller who will bring the history of the vaults to life – and talk you through some of the artefacts that have survived.

The walking tour takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, with time at the end in our Discovery Room – complete with 3D model, artefacts, and a short presentation.


Kinder 5-15 J., SeniorInnen ab 60 Jahren

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